Find Lost Relatives and Family History

Caruthersville Public Library features the Kaye Norton Gill Genealogy Room. Contained here are her personal genealogy books, as well as many others that have been donated to the library or purchased for memorials and honorariums.

There is a microfilm reader in the room and microfilm containing valuable records of Pemiscot County. They include marriage records from 1882 through 1996, real estate records from 1882 through 1930, swamp land patent records, a register and receiver’s book.

The local newspaper  houses bound volumes of The Democrat-Argus in the Pemiscot County Historical Society room in the library and microfilm from the years 1891 until 1940 are available. The newspaper can be found at the following link – containing the years 1891-1966.

The Hayti Herald is digitized from 1908-1922 and is freely available on the Library of Congress’s website, Chronicling America.  This paper was digitized as part of a national grant in 2008-2010. The bound volumes until the 1980s are also housed in the Pemiscot County Historical Society room. A link to early editions are found here: Hayti Herald