Computer Assistance by Staff

Caruthersville Public Library takes patron privacy seriously. We have installed privacy screens on the front bank of computers so that information cannot be seen by those walking by or sitting nearby.

We ask that you always log out of any site you access on our public computers – eMail, Facebook, etc. – as the next user on that computer could easily access your information without a logout. Restarting the computer is a good option, as well.

Staff can help patrons with basic logging in, signing up for email, and getting started with a job search, application, or resume. But staff cannot provide in-depth training in computer or software skills or type in information for patrons. Please ask to make an appointment for a Friday morning computer class with the staff to learn on your own, or bring someone in who can type the information for you.

 Staff can help patrons with laptops or other devices with logging into the network, but cannot troubleshoot, repair patrons’ devices, or guarantee a Wi-Fi connection (We never know when MOREnet, our internet provider, will have slow or no service, as they are a state-run internet provider for institutions like libraries and schools).

Caruthersville Public Library staff cannot assist with ANY requests involving private personal information, such as SSNs, banking information, insurance forms, taxes, financial information, or passwords, for your safety and personal security, as well as to protect the library and its staff.