Library Code of Conduct

Library Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Rules (Adopted by the Board of Trustees in January, 2016)

Caruthersville Public Library seeks to provide quality library service to all users in a safe and pleasant environment that is conducive to educational and recreational study and research. Any behavior that is disruptive or that inhibits Caruthersville Public Library from ensuring a safe environment or interferes with the use of the library may elicit an appropriate response to deny access to facilities and/or services. Each person can help by respecting the rights of others and complying with the following while on library property.

Examples of unacceptable behaviors include (but are not limited to):

  • Inappropriate Activities; running, shoving, throwing objects, physical or verbal harassment or threats, loud talking, sleeping, smoking, bathing, washing clothes, gambling,
  • Misuse of Library Property; damaging, vandalizing or destroying library property, equipment or materials, theft of library material, failure to follow Caruthersville Public Library’s internet use and safety policy
  • Using another person’s library card or identifying information
  • Using furniture in any manner for which it was not intended
  • Leaving children or persons in need of continuous supervision unattended
  • Bringing animals into the Library except for service animals, or animals used in Library programs and/or presentations
  • Possessing or consuming alcohol or marijuana, illegal drugs or being under their influence
  • Performing any illegal act or conduct in violation of federal, state or local law, ordinance, or regulation
  • Disturbing other patrons or employees of the Library so far as to disrupt their use of the Library or their work
  • Inappropriate attire or poor hygiene
  • Soliciting money, donations, or selling items
  • Staff may restrict adult use of children’s areas
  • Photographing other users of the Library without written permission

Any violation of the code of conduct may result in suspension of library privileges and access to facilities and/or services. The Director may temporarily ban a patron, denying access to all facilities and/or services within the Caruthersville Public Library. A patron with suspended privileges may appeal a suspension in writing to the President of the Board of Trustees. The Director or designee will respond to the appeal. The decision of the Director is final.

Patron Rights

Caruthersville Public Library supports the rights of all individuals to:

  • Receive friendly, courteous, honest, and respectful service;
  • Have intellectual freedom, confidentiality, and fair and equitable access to information;
  • Have a clean, comfortable, and pleasant environment;
  • Use the library without threat of harm, invasion of property, or discrimination; and
  • Address concerns through the appropriate librarian, library director, or Library Board of Trustees.

Computer Use Policy

Though the Internet is a valuable information resource, it is an unregulated medium, and some websites may be inaccurate, unreliable, personally offensive, or even illegal. The Library has no control over information accessed through the Internet, nor are they responsible for any damages resulting from accessing the Internet.

Caruthersville Public Library takes patron privacy seriously. We have installed privacy screens on the front bank of computers so that information cannot be seen by those walking by or sitting nearby.

We ask that you always log out of any site you access on our public computers – eMail, Facebook, etc. – as the next user on that computer could easily access your information without a logout. Restarting the computer is a good option, as well.

Staff can help patrons with basic logging in, signing up for email, and getting started with a job search, application, or resume. But staff cannot provide in-depth training in computer or software skills or type in information for patrons. Please ask to make an appointment for a Friday morning computer class with the staff to learn on your own, or bring someone in who can type the information for you.

 Staff can help patrons with laptops or other devices with logging into the network, but cannot troubleshoot, repair patrons’ devices, or guarantee a Wi-Fi connection (We never know when MOREnet, our internet provider, will have slow or no service, as they are a state-run internet provider for institutions like libraries and schools).

Caruthersville Public Library staff cannot assist with ANY requests involving private personal information, such as SSNs, banking information, insurance forms, taxes, financial information, or passwords, for your safety and personal security, as well as to protect the library and its staff.

The following behaviors are not permitted on Library computers, some of which may violate local, state, and/or federal laws.

A Library computer may not be used to:

  • view, display, or transmit obscene materials, with the library reserving the right to exercise judgment
  • engage in any illegal purpose, including but not limited to: hacking, misrepresentation, harassment, slander, violating copyright and/or software agreements
  • alter, damage, or abuse Library hardware or software or other Library property
  • create an intimidating or hostile environment

The Library reserves the right to prohibit violators of Library computer policies/procedures from using the Library computers.

Levels of Assistance

While staff are happy to assist you in searching for information or in choosing websites , the Library staff’s availability to help users with basic computer use is limited. Additionally, Library staff may not have knowledge of all Library computer programs, nor will they be familiar with how to use all websites. Library staff will be glad to assist you as they are able and time permitting, but users must have basic computer skills.

Library staff will provide varying levels of one-on-one customer assistance in the use of library computers, with the greatest time and emphasis placed on the research and information retrieval activities most central to the Library’s mission.

In-depth: Library staff will provide in-depth assistance as needed to patrons in the use of standard sources of online information, such as library online catalogs; library online databases; library educational software; internet databases; and internet search engines and indexes.

Brief tutorial: Library staff will provide patrons with standard “5-minute tutorials” on how to navigate online websites using Microsoft Explorer; how to print all or parts of a web page; and how to set up a free email account.

For those needing additional or remedial assistance in these areas, the Library may offer occasional or regular classes on these topics. Or, as time allows, library staff may provide additional one-on-one assistance by appointment.

Limited: The productivity applications and online services available through library computers and their internet connections today are numerous, varied and, in many cases, extremely complex. Individual library staff members can not become expert in all of them. Therefore, library staff members are not expected to provide in-depth assistance in the use of various productivity applications (such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.), nor in the use of various online services (such as eBay, Travelocity, Priceline, etc.). Nor can library staff take time away from primary responsibilities to teach remedial computing skills such as keyboarding or mouse handling. Furthermore, the library avoids any contact with private and personal information – SSNs, passwords, and any financial documents. If the patron cannot complete this work on their own, please bring a trusted friend or family member to help you with these types of situations.

Similarly, patrons using their own laptops are responsible for configuring their own access to the Library’s wireless internet service. Library staff are not trained and are not expected to engage in technical troubleshooting of patrons’ laptops when for some reason those laptops are unable to connect to the wireless service.


  • Each patron must show his or her own Caruthersville Public Library card to access the Internet.
  • The patron must agree to the terms of the library’s Computer Use Policy before using a computer by signing in.
  • Computers may be utilized as long as no one is waiting for a computer. At that point, the earliest patron who signed in will be asked to surrender his computer.
  • Staff may limit to one person per machine if necessary.
  • Pages may be printed from the computer for $.25 per page.
  • Lamination is available for $1.00 a sheet.

PATRONS UNDER AGE 10 may not use the computers and those over 10 must have a library card in good standing with no fines or fees. Children are not allowed on the computers during a Caruthersville School District #18 school day. They must wait until school dismisses at 3:00. During the summer, children may not access computers until 12:00 noon.


  • A patron may be a Guest Internet User on a temporary basis if he/she is over 18 years old and presents a valid photo ID.
  • A patron under the age of 18 may be a Guest Internet User only if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian authorizing Internet access.

Use of the Library computers implies acceptance of this policy.

Approved by the Caruthersville Public Library Board of Trustees March 2018.

This policy may be revised by the Library as necessary.