Local Interest Historical Documentation

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History of Caruthersville Schools

This is the contents of exhaustive research done by Barbara Lane Meales for the anniversary of Caruthersville School District #18 in 2013


1915 Southeast Missouri Drummers Association Advertising Book

This treasure shows what Caruthersville and other cities in the area were like at this time in history. It includes photos of several businesses and homes, some still in the city.


Hayti Negro School: Our Story By Iona Griggs Hollins (Copies of this book may be purchased from Ms. Hollins. The cost of the book is $35.00 + shipping cost of $5.00.  A check or money order can be sent to her home address:  Iona Hollins, 1400 N. Elizabeth Ave., Calverton Park, Missouri, 63135-1238.)

This book features the complete story of the Hayti Negro School, which drew students from Pemiscot, New Madrid, and Dunklin counties. It features pictures from every class that graduated, as well as information that is not easily found in other sources.

(Takes some time to load when you click on the link – the book is 217 pages long and takes awhile to populate, but you will be glad you waited when you see the treasures this book holds!)


1976 Democrat-Argus “Bridge Edition”

The actual newspaper edition that was released on the day the Mississippi River bridge at Caruthersville was opened, December 1, 1976 at 10:00 a.m.

(Again, this takes a little time to load because it is a 27-page newspaper. Please be patient!)


Pemiscot County History and Pioneers from the Pemiscot Press

This is a compendium of turn-of-the-century information about Pemiscot County and the “movers and shakers” of that time. Later in the attachment, there is a story about various town names in Pemiscot County by Charlotte Winstead; also a few pages of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch from early in the 20th century.

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