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Your career is at a crossroads…

Are you a recent graduate searching for what to do with your education? Or a career-changer wondering where else you could go with your hard-earned skills? Or a job-hunter who just doesn’t like the options in front of you?

Dream up your next career with eParachute:

  • Discover your most loved strengths,
  • Explore hundreds of potential career paths, and
  • See how well careers match what you love to do most.

Inspired by the best-selling career guide of all time.

Interview Resources

The pathway to interview success – A step-by-step guide through the interview process. Here are insights designed to help you successfully interview and get the job you want.


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Optimal Resume

Live and Recorded Trainings to help make your resume the best

Resume Lab

Please attach your resume or cover letter. One of our resume experts will analyze it and return it to you within one business day.

Get help understanding unemployment benefits from a live expert or by accessing resources

Unemployment Insurance

Find information on unemployment benefits, continuing health coverage, other employment programs, and state-specific contact information

VetNow for Veterans by BrainFuse

Tailored Support for Veterans and Their Families

Brainfuse VetNow was carefully developed with your community’s veterans and their families in mind. Brainfuse carefully scrutinizes resources and rigorously screens our navigators to ensure veterans get the help they need, when they need it.